August 31, 2017 - 3:07pm -- hatcher.36

The Ohio State University Extension office of Champaign County would like to offer our congratulations to the following young people who represented us very well as they competed and placed in their respective classes at the Ohio State Fair. These 4-H members have not only excelled at the county level, but have also excelled at the state level as they competed with the other elite participants from counties across the state. Outstanding indicates that the participant placed in the top 40% of the class. The Clock Trophy signifies the highest award in the state for that particular project. At this year’s production goat show, 25% of participants were from Champaign County. Almost all of our livestock judges comment on the depth of quality we have in animals and showmen for a county fair. The state fair list below (use link) is proof of the excellent quality that comes from the county. Please congratulate them when you see these outstanding 4-Hers!

2017 Ohio State Fair Winners