April 15, 2021 - 2:27pm -- knowles.104@osu.edu

It is almost time for the Brood X Cicada emergence to arrive in Ohio.  These 17-year insects have many residents wondering how to prepare for their arrival: what to look for and expect, how to treat important plants and trees, how long they will be among us, and how to co-exist with these "singing bugs" while they are here.  

Cicada Mania is a great website, with many resources to learn more about this insect species and what to expect, where they will appear, and more.  

You can also visit their FAQ page to browse more specific questions relating to all things Cicada.  To read more details on what states and communities will be impacted, timelines, and how you can assist in reporting sightings, the Brood X(10) article will offer some great reading material.

Be sure to also visit The Ohio State University's own publication Periodical Cicadas for history, background, and plenty of pictures.

In addition to the background and history that Ohio State's Buckeye Yard and Garden onLine offers, there is also a newly released Periodical Cicadas article updating readers on the impact of the recent cold temperatures to the arrival of the Cicadas.  Be sure to view this update to understand how our weather and climate play important roles in the emergence process.

Review these helpful resources to help you prepare for and enjoy the Cicada vocal circus about to unfold!