September 11, 2020 - 4:19pm --

Good news!  Our extension office has received approval to adjust our office hours to be open daily from 8am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.  These new hours will go into effect on Monday September 14, 2020.  It is anticipated this new schedule will remain in place for the rest of this year.

While we are returning to being open full time, to follow OSU’s social distancing policy, the office will not be fully staffed on a daily basis.  Instead we will be rotating staff personnel each day.

If you need help from one of our Educators:

  • Amanda Douridas, AgNR Educator, will be in the office on Mondays (unless in the field)
  • Kellie Lemly, FCS Educator, will be in the office on Tuesdays
  • Melinda Ryan, 4-H Educator, will be in the office on Fridays

Educators will also be available at different times, just request an appointment to schedule a different time to meet.  It is a good idea to check on availability before coming into the office to meet,

The remaining days will be covered by 4-H Program Assistants Kiley Horn (Wednesdays) and Jenni Nott (Fridays).  Deb Knowles, Office Associate, will be handling the Thursday hours.

To remain open and in compliance with OSU policy, previously stated requests relating to social distancing and wearing face masks while in the office must continue.  If you see someone in the office lobby, please wait outside until the lobby is clear to enter, and please wear a face mask when coming into the office.  Thank you for your patience and understanding…we look forward to serving our community members in person once again!