June 3, 2021 - 2:46pm -- douridas.9@osu.edu

One of the delights of a home garden is preparing and tasting your harvest, so it can be frustrating when things do not go as planned. Sometimes nature gets in the way and other times we just are not sure how to proceed.

The Grow + Eat series presented by OSU Extension is here to help! Through a series of programs and videos, we hope to share insight that will help you thrive whether you are growing your own food or trying to figure out what to do with fresh produce.

Pesticide Toxicity in the Garden

The biggest struggle for a lot of home gardeners is the time commitment. Wouldn’t all our gardens look wonderful if we could spend all day in them? This is not a reality for most of us so when a weed, insect or disease invades, it can be difficult to control. Pesticides were developed for just that reason but understanding when and how to use them can be daunting. There are also a lot of misconceptions around their safety. Pesticides vary greatly in their toxicity to humans. On June 15 from 6-7:30pm, join us in-person as we unravel the mystery of pesticide toxicity, discuss how to use them properly and prepare produce after harvest.

Grow and Preserve Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a gardener’s favorite so it can be frustrating when plants fail due to disease or soil conditions. Extension Educators and Master Gardener Volunteers will share expertise on how to successfully grow tomatoes and preserve them so you can enjoy your bounty long after the growing season has ended. This in-person workshop will be held July 20 from 6-7:30pm.

In-season Produce Videos

As produce comes in season, we will post videos about how to prepare a couple of dishes, some healthy, others more for the sweet tooth, and share growing tips. Local farmers and caterers will make guest appearances to share their favorite recipes too! Stay tuned!


For more information and registration for these events, please visit go.osu.edu/GrowEat.