September 6, 2023 - 2:43pm --

The OSU PestEd team is introducing 2 new online Canvas courses designed to help our community applicators study for the Pesticide exams!  

First, Grain and Cereal Crops - Private Pesticide Category 1 Exam Prep Course, which can be accessed by visiting  The course fee is $15.00 to enroll, with a 1 year course completion deadline.  

Next, General Pest Control: A Course for Commercial Pesticide Applicators (category 10a), which can be accessed by visiting  This course has an enrollment fee of $65.00, with the same 1 year limit on completion.  This comprehensive course is useful to anyone desiring a guide to structural pest control.

In addition, the existing Private Core Study Course can still be accessed at and remains free to take.

While on the topic of pesticide, the team would like to remind everyone of the fact sheet on Protecting Pollinators While Using Pesticides.  

We hope our community finds these resources useful.  As always, please feel free to contact ANR Educator Grant Davis with any questions regarding these topics.