November 23, 2020 - 10:28am --

We are pleased to offer our community 3 new educational topics on this website!  Found under the Family and Consumer Sciences program area, these new resources offer a series of informative videos in the areas of aging, home planning, and useful tips for teens.

Healthy Aging Network Telecasts - a video series on topics relating to healthy aging, presented by Clark County FCS Educator Kathy Tutt.

Universal Design Virtual Exhibit - an interactive video tour of a home that offers ideas for creating safe living spaces.

Tips for Teens - a video series offering teens various life skills, presented by various Educators from the FCS and 4-H program areas.

These new sections each have a link listed under the Family and Consumer Sciences program link on the website.

We hope you find these new resources useful, be sure to watch for updated content as it becomes available!