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It's 4-H Camp Time!

It's time to register for 4-H Camp at 4-H Camp Clifton. Champaign County dates are: Camp #1 - June 26-30th and Camp #2 - July 5-9th.

One of the most rewarding experiences of 4-H is to attend 4-H Camp. Camp is an experience you will never forget. We hear from many campers that they look forward to a week of camp because they can get away from their normal lives and can be themselves. Camp is a place to come have fun with your friends and meet many new friends. Campers sleep for 4 nights in a cabin with up to 10 other people. Campers learn to be responsible, respectful of others, build confidence and much more. Campers attend fun, hands-on workshops, help plan activities for the entire camp, learn to work as a team, explore nature, learn fun songs and camp dances. On hot summer days, campers enjoy cooling off in the pool for workshops and free time. 4-H Camp is open to everyone if space is available so 4-H members can invite their friends who are not in 4-H.

For full details and registration information, please use this link.