Cover Crop Champions Audio Podcast

July 7, 2020  28 minutes

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Farmers from Logan and Champaign Counties received a National Wildlife Federation Cover Crop Champion grant to spread the word about using cover crops. Linda Vernon and Tim Lyden join us to share why they are so passionate about cover crops. Tim discusses his history in using cover, the challenges he’s faced as well has the benefits seen on his farm. As part of the grant, we will hold farmer round table meetings around Champaign and Logan Counties.


Cover Crop Champions - Part 2

August 19, 2020  19 minutes

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Jack Sommers and Tim McDaniel, farmers in Champaign County, talk about how they got started using cover crops and what it means for their operation today. We talk about equipment, species used and benefits, including the economics of it.

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WPKO Radio Program

September 6, 2020


Tim Lyden and Bob Stoll talk about the Cover Crop Champions program on the WPKO In Sync radio show.




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This project was funded by the National Wildlife Federation through the Cover Crop Champion Project