Every Ohio private pesticide applicator must have at least 3 hours of educational training every 3 years. The training must include an hour of core and at least 30 minutes in each category licensed.

Pesticide License Renewal

In order to maintain a Pesticide License, you will need to obtain the necessary recertification credits or take a re-examination. For private applicators, the minimum training required shall be 3 hours. Of the 3 hours, at least 1 hour shall consist of core training material and at least one-half hour specific to each pesticide-use category in which the private applicator is licensed.

Please check the expiration date on your Pesticide License, or call (800) 589-8584 with your license number and the expiration date can be checked.

For those who need to renew, to view a complete listing of programs in the State of Ohio "Click Here".

New Applicator's License

To become licensed, the Private Applicator must:

  1. Obtain study materials from your County Extension Office.
  2. Select an exam date and site. List of available exam dates and sites.
  3. Register for the exam by calling the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Pesticide Division at (800) 282-1955. (Because of limited space, you may not be able to take the exam if not pre-registered.)


  1. Ohio Department of Agriculture will notify you by letter with exam results. After the exam is passed, pay the $30 license fee to ODA. The license will be mailed within 3-4 weeks.

License Fees should be paid to:
             Ohio Department of Agriculture
             Pesticide Regulation
             8995 E. Main St.
             Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-3399
             Phone:   (614) 728-6987  or   (800) 282-1955.

Private Applicator License

Private applicators do not purchase a yearly license. The $30 fee is paid upon passing the exam and at the beginning of each subsequent 3 year certification period.