The Tips for Teens Video Series

Created to offer youth important life skills as a shared resource from both the Family and Consumer Science and 4-H program areas.  Educators from both teams around the state of Ohio present weekly videos, each one having its own "how to" topic to assist in engaging with our youth community. 

The videos are designed to help teens develop awareness, knowledge, skills, and aspirations about life readiness.  Each video presents a fun way to learn a new skill, and can be viewed in less than five minutes.  From changing car tires, doing laundry, writing a check, or making healthy snacks, these videos get teens focused on what matters most:  building skills and gaining confidence!  This series was first introduced in April 2020, and they are available from the following links.  We hope you enjoy this useful resource!

Video links will take you to YouTube, and each page will include a summary of the video topic, along with any details on the presenter of the video being viewed.  Videos are listed in newest to oldest order.

Winter Travel Tips

Requesting a Letter of Recommendation
Employee Rights and Responsibilities How to Address an Envelope
Cell Phone Etiquette

Demonstration and Public Speaking Techniques

Scams and Phishing Race and Racism - Huh? Developing Cultural Intelligence Good Impressions & Interview Skills
Go Out There and Fail! Don't Let 'Em Drive You Crazy Let's Talk Dining How to Tip Your Server
How to Jump Start a Car Battery How to Pump Gas How to Use a Fire Extinguisher Teen Mental Health
How to Navigate Difficult Conversations 5 Tips to Play with and Interact with a Small Child How to Use Mindfulness to Settle Your Body (and Feel Good!) How to Check the Oil in Your Car
Time to Change That Flat Tire Basic Budgeting How to Write a Check Basic Banking
Basic First Aid Laundry Basics How to Sew a Button Breakfast Made Easy
How to Make a Taco Salad Added Sugar in Beverages How to Make Apple Nachos How to Measure Ingredients
Making Guacamole How to Make a Healthy Fruit Smoothie